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How to Approach Women

So you have great new hair. You have worked out and are looking fit and in shape. Plus you ahve a new cool dress sense. What next? If you are single, then you want to start dating of course!

However before you start dating you need to talk to girls and that means approaching. This can be very hard for guys for the fear of rejection. But it is better to try rather than have hours of regret. Think about all those great girls in your life you never spoke to. Maybe one was your perfect partner and had you spoken you would have gone down a different road.

Some simple warm up tips:

  1. Learn how to walk with confidence (check out some videos on the subject)

  2. Take in your surroundings - learn to appreciate things around you as you walk.

  3. Breathe slow as regulate your breathing

  4. Smile and talk - not just to pretty girls, but to all girls, men, the eldery - just say hi, how are you will get you in the zone.

  5. If you are in a bad mood or not in the zone, dont try it. You need to be mentally right to approach.

  6. You can use a wingman to help each other.

  7. If you feel nervous or are unsure with what to do with your hands then hold a cup of coffee or paper. It will unconsciously stop you feeling awkward with your hands.
Okay, those are so basic tips. While you can talk to girls anywhere, during the day as you walk, in a coffee shop, on the train or bus or quiet bar etc are best. Nightclubs arent so great due to high distractions. Also avoid weird places like alleys and in the dark.

If you see a girl you want to talk to then dont think too long; oh and forget about waiting until the "right moment". Approach within 3 seconds before your brain can think you are talking. The worse thing you can do is pause and over think. You will then start to come up with excuses of why you shouldn't talk and eventually talk yourself out of it altogether.

Walk with head up, back straight, shoulders out, slowly and with confidence. For godsake don't dancing around her or approach off stage from the back.

Give her a little time as she will be in mini shock. Keep the conversation light and positive and avoid cheesy pick up lines which sound good in your head but crap to her. Also don't bombard her with questions.

The aim is to either get a date there and then with coffee or her number for a follow up later.

If she is holding something make a comment. You could ask for directions. Make eye contact. Speak slow in your normal tone. If you feel supremely confident then just come out with it and say you think shes very attractive so had to talk. Some women will love it. They will feed off your bolshy confidence. The worse they will say is sorry, Im in a rush. Okay, fine move on to the next one.

You will get rejections. Just dont take it personal. She could be in a relationship, not into you, not looking to date, bad shit in her life etc. Just dont force it. End and move to the next.

Within 2 hours you could have talked to 30 new people and bagged 10 numbers.

Later you should drop a mass text along the lines of "hey, its so and so - the cool handsome guy that spoke with you today. Fancy meeting up?"

There are plenty of sources out there on the net on this so happy reading and good luck out in the field :)

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