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Classic & Essential Wardrobe for £ 900

Every man needs to dress well for business and pleasure.

In the workplace dressing well will get you ahead with a presentable style. In pleasure a good dress sense will attract women.

Well fitting clothes will show your body off in the best light.

Below is a list of wardrobe essentials. These are the basics for any man's wardrobe and will give you a different look for a each day of a month at a time when you mix it up. I support having a minimalist, but well used wardrobe rather than a huge range; most of which is never worn.

Infact, go through your wardrobe and ditch all those ill fitting, unworn (not in last 6-months) and tatty clothes. Bin them or drop them off at the charity shop. They are no good to you and take up valuable space. They are weighing you down.

Dont be a snob about where you buy your clothes. Most of the mid and budget range outlets source from the same producers (factories) but the prices they then retail them for can be be three or four times higher once they can on other costs and their profit.

You should be able to source the following for under £ 900 and each £ 500 will get you through if you have some existing pieces, but they will last you a few years as they are classic pieces. In other words, avoid the very latest fashions as firstly you will look odd and secondly they will fall out of favour as quickly as they came in.

Now if you have a bigger of smaller budget you can adjust how how you spend but still pick up the list. For example. instead of an off the peg suit you can pay 10 times more for a tailored suit.

The final point I would make is consider both your body shape and skin tone when picking the fit and colour. You can Google for more information.

Blue Jeans - example price £ 50
A good pair of jeans is the most versatile clothing item in your wardrobe. Jeans are casual, and can be worn consecutively more than any other pant.

Chinos or Khakis £ 15
They work well as casual wear and match well with many other wardrobe pieces.

Trousers £ 30
A pair of black pants is great for the office or meeting friends.

Shorts £ 10
Summer wear but like chinos they match well with many other wardrobe pieces.You’ll want to look for specific fabrics for shorts - particurally chino, poplin, and linen

White Oxford Button Shirt £ 20 each
Absolute classic but make sure you get the fit right. Ideal for the business environment with a tie or smart casual with the right pants. Every man should own and wear. Oxfords are great year-round and are easily paired with chinos, jeans, and jackets. Tailored cut and a thick collars are best. You should grab a few white shirts and a light blue one too.

Patterned Button Ups £ 25
Checks or strips but versatile.

T-Shirts £ 15 a set
White, black and grey V or crew necks. Really basic item of clothing but the fit is super important. It should fit nicely around your arms and be the right length. Too loose or tight and it will look very wrong.

V-neck Sweaters £ 25 each
Good on their own, with a shirt or layered with a jacket. You will want at least two.

Light Jackets £ 40
Ideal for those cooler days of Spring and Autumn. Ideal if waterproof too.

Pea Coat £ 80
More formal.

Raincoat £ 100
Down to the knee is ideal. Light and can be worn all year.

Shoes £ 40 each
A black and a brown formal pair. Lace ups.

Trainers or Chuck Taylors £ 70
A nice pair for dressing. You might also want a second gym pair.

Casual Shoes £ 25
Cheap as chips and you can pick them up at Primark. One pair is fine and they can be slip ons or lace ups.

Work or walking boots £ 50
Ideal for walking, working in the garden or rainy days.

Blazer £ 80
A navy blazer is an essential. A blazer should be cut slim to the body and should be a tad bit shorter than your arm as it lays by your side. This is an item that is worth getting tailored. Modern styling favors a double vent in the back.

Black or Grey Suit £ 150
Office, funernals, weddings - you will need a suit. If you have the budget grab more than one. You can wear the jacket or trousers seperately. A suit should be well fitting and comfortable.

Ties £ 10 each
A couple of subtlely patterned ones in blue are staples.

Belts £ 8 each
Brown and Black and wear so they match your shoes.

Socks £ 10 for five pairs
Plain black or grey. No sports socks!

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