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20 Dad Skills Every Man Should Possession

This article could easily be 50, 75 or 100 skills. There are so many skills a man should possession, but here we will look at 30 most important ones in my opinion.

The skills the modern man must be armed with have never been so varied. You must be both a warrior and a diplomat with soft and hard skills for daily use as well as emergencies just in case.

Each week, you should sit down to research and learn one new skill. Within half a year you will be great at 20 new skills; some of which could easily turn into life long hobbies.

  1. Hang a Picture or Curtain Rail
    You need the confidence to pick the right spot, hammer a nail or drill a screw into a wall, and level a frame or rail. These simple skills make a huge difference and will save you money on a handyman while impressing all those around you.

  2. Wet Shave
    Not just shave, but shave like a king. Check out youtube videos for how the professionals do it. It will keep you a close shave and be better for your all round skin health.

  3. Writing A Letter
    It could be a short thank you, a business or a love letter its important that you still possess this timeless skill. The equiette of letter writing for formal letters of what goes whether and how to address the reader is crucial. Just as important is writing those ditty letters to your sweetheart. Yes we have text, whatapps and email but nothing beats the thoughtfulness of putting pen to paper.

  4. Tell a Joke
    A well-timed joke will set you apart as an open person with men and, women.

  5. Cook and Serve
    Bake, grill and prepare from scratch signature dishes. Making eggs at least 3 ways, making pancakes, and cooking a steak are basics every man should master. Baking a cake or desserts iwill impress. Also carving turkey is a true dad skill. If using a BBQ then you must master lighting and cooking on it.

  6. Life Saving Techniques
    CPR and when to and when not to use and on who.

  7. Sew
    Knowing how to sow a button, minor alterations on clothes and holes will be a handy skill for yourself and those close to you.

  8. Change a Flat Tire
    Knowing how to change a flat will save you one day when you are on a remote road.

  9. Tie a Necktie
    Essential for business attire, interviews and formal oscasions. In fact, you should master different tie knots to really show off.

  10. Buy a Suit
    A good suit is timeless and will stay in fashion as long as its in good condition. Typically, it will be your most expensive item of clothing so it is worth knowing how to buy the right quality suit. You need to know about cuts, material, how it will fit, and the construction. Alterations can make it nigh near perfect. That way you will be in the top 1% of men in terms of dressed.

  11. Iron
    A pair of trousers or a shirt - no problem. You know how to iron them correctly. Itís not that hard and takes just five minutes, but it can make all the difference between sharp and sloppy.

  12. Working out Correctly
    Whether at home or at the gym its important to know which exercises for which parts of the body and how to execute them with proper form. In its simplest form - learn the push up and variations on it.

  13. Gardening
    Whether you have a farm or a window box there are no excuses stopping you from growing something. It could be a flow, plant or your own food. Its a great hobby and good thinking time as you get close to nature.

  14. Make Small Talk
    Whether it be to the neighbours, her friends, the in-laws...small talk will mark you out as a friendly, approachable person. This could also be applied to talking to strangers including girls.

  15. Open a Bottle
    It could be a wine cork or a champagne cork you should know how to use a corkscrew when required and how to open a bottle without taking your eye or anyone else's out. To really open eyes, how about learning how to open a beer bottle with no openers or teeth?

  16. Defend Yourself / Throw a punch
    Open your opponent up with jabs and a few fakes; once he drops his guard, send a powerful straight punch right to his head. Alternatively, know the weak points on the body and throw a punch, chop or kick to disable your opponent and bring them down to their knees. If you are really confident learn out to bob and weave, duck and dive to tire your opponent out.

  17. Making Perfect Coffee
    Grinding your beans, boiling your water, and brewing them in a French press, cooker or machine truly creates the perfect cup of coffee, and also adds an element of craftsmanship to your morning routine. You can try roasting your own beans.

  18. How to Dance
    Both modern and basic ballroom - nothing will wow her quicker. We are not talking be the greatest, but learn show moves and relax.

  19. Two Magic Tricks
    Every man should know at least two simple tricks to keep a both children and adults entertained.

  20. Well Read
    Whether it is novels, biographies, history or self improvement always be reading (every day at least for 30 mins) a book to widen your knowledge.

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