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Maintaining A Healthy Diet

There is plenty information out there on food and diet - maybe too much information.

This is aimed to be a quick and minimalist guide.

I dont believe in counting every calorie as an efficient use of time. Instead I believe in bulking your meals into 3 a day.

Focus on high protein, low fat and low carb diet. Definitely steer clear of processed foods. which are easy to prepare but not great for health.

There are hundreds of different diet plans but for all intents and purposes a balanced diet of whole foods is your best bet for health and well-being.

Avoid anything you are allergic to such as dairy and gluten. You can test through an elimination diet, eating only meat and vegetables and slowly introducing new items one by one.

Try to eat your three meals at the same time each day and work out a weekly planner. This willl save time and money, cut down on waste and make your meals more balanced. Some guys will prepare all their weekly meals on a Sunday and tupperware them into individual 14 portions . They will then have porridge, a cereal or eggs for breakfast.

You should on average consume 2500 calorie each day; so for example, breakfast 400 cals, lunch would be 700 cals and dinner would be 1000 cals and 400 for healthy snacks or protein shakes inbetween. If you want to lose weight you need a calorific deficit. Simply, you need to burn more calories than you consume.

If you have a weekly deficit of 3500 calories then its is approx. 1lb in weight loss. To that if you can add more activity such as weights and cardio then that will burn even more.

10 Quick Tips

  1. Eat slowly
  2. Stop eating before you feel full.
  3. Never skip meals.
  4. Only weigh yourself weekly at the same time.
  5. Use a smaller plate.
  6. Reduce your alcohol intake.
  7. Eat high fibre foods.
  8. Keep hydrated.
  9. Avoid temptation.
  10. Exercise

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