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Male Grooming Habits

Once upon a time male grooming extended to soap on a rope, however, today it is faster growing than women's grooming.

I dont mean we will be talking cosmetic surgery, botex or anything remotely feminine. Instead we will be talking simple things every man should do.

Grooming matters for both the work place and social gatherings. Women find a well groomed man who takes pride in his appearance thoughtful, affluent and organised. These are qualities that they will impress on a partner.

Shower at least once if not twice a day - first thing in the morning and at night. In the summer it could be 3 or 4 times, however, you dont need to shampoo your hair system more than once a week.

Make sure you soap those hard to reach areas and cracks.

Use a face cloth for a minute to wash out dead skin. After each shower, condition your skin with a good quality moisturiser.

Wet or electric shave first thing in the morning. If you have a beard make sure its trimmed, washed, combed and tidied. Just dont look like a hobo.

Brush your teeth both in the morning and at night. You can floss too. During the day you should brush after every meal. I also use a mouthwash.

Once a Week
Address unkempt eyebrows, your hand and toe nails.

Invest in a trimmer for your nose and ear hair. Make you there are no rogue hairs on your neck, throat, ear and hand! You should also consider a body hair trimmer for armpits, chest, crack and pubics...yes thats right. Man up and look good.

Any of you guys with back hair, you will want to trim it back weekly or wax. For godsake make sure hair isnt creeping out of your shirt collar.

Also make sure you have none of those horrible unsightly hairs around the nape of your neck.

After your shower, scrap deep skin off your feet.

Once a Month
Visit the barber or haircut your own hair. Make sure you tidy around the ears.

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