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60 Manly Hobbies, Interests and Pastimes

Every man should have a balanced life. Thats a life where he makes money, looks after his health and well-being, takes care of his relationships (family, friends, new girls) and has activities he can relax doing.

Women love a man with other interests and they certainly can be a talking point for dating or in the workplace.

Hobbbies are a way to self improve your mind and body, learn new skills, meet new friends, increase your eye for detail and creativity.

These activites, which you do in your otherwise spare or free time can be called hobbies, interests or pastimes, but importantly you should look forward to doing them and do them regularly.

Regularly means if you classify reading as a hobby, you should do it daily. Its a good way to self educate and improve yourself. However, if its travelling, then the regularity may not be daily but bi-annually. Working out at the gym (or at home) is something you should do 4 to 5 times a week for at least an hour each time.

Whatever your hobbies and yes you should have more than one you should maintain them.

If you stop to think you will probably have a few you already do. In fact, over the next week write a list of your activities. You will be surprised at how many you do; some of which you should reduce or cut out completely.

Ideally, you will want a list of 12 of which 6 you are regular or aiming to be an expert in. If you are unsure then spend some time trying as many as you can before whittling down your list to focus on a handful.

Below are a list of hobbies, interests and pastimes, some of which are free and others suit all budget ranges.

  1. Reading

  2. DIY

  3. Practicing Martial Arts or Boxing

  4. Collecting

  5. Singing

  6. Woodworking

  7. Archery

  8. Magic Skills

  9. Paintballing

  10. Hiking

  11. Golfing

  12. Playing Sports

  13. Alcohol or Cigar Connoisseur

  14. Memory Games and Quizzing

  15. Skiing or Snowboarding

  16. Learning Dad Skills

  17. Mountain Biking

  18. Cycling

  19. Cooking i.e Baking, Barbecuing

  20. Restoring Classic Cars

  21. River Rafting/Kayaking

  22. Fencing

  23. Rock Climbing

  24. Home brewing

  25. Drawing and Painting

  26. Flying a light aircraft or microglider

  27. Hillwalking

  28. Walking and Exploring

  29. Sailing

  30. Fishing

  31. Snooker and Pool

  32. Gardening

  33. Geneology

  34. Amateur Dramatics

  35. Backpacking and camping

  36. Motorcycling

  37. Scuba Diving

  38. Coffee roasting

  39. Flying a kite

  40. Orienteering

  41. Model Building

  42. Playing Chess

  43. Horse Riding

  44. Day gaming

  45. Studying through online classes

  46. Learning a Foreign Language

  47. Travelling

  48. Survival skills

  49. Antiquing

  50. Writing a journal or blog

  51. Ballroom Dancing

  52. Astronomy

  53. Letter writing

  54. Historical Re-enactment

  55. Record collecting and listing

  56. Running including racing

  57. Playing an instrument such as the guitar

  58. Body Building/Weight Lifting

  59. Buy a racehorse

  60. Sowing and needlework - manly when you need to tailor own clothes!
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