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My confidence was low. Now my biggest regret is waiting so long. I Will Never Go Back

A hair system is one of the most exciting, life changing discoveries you can make! It has made a positive difference to my life. I could never go back to a time without one!

I was relatively fortunate to enjoy a full head of hair into my thirties then I started to notice my hair thinning. After 33 it just started to thin at an increasing rate.

I was resigned to accepting that from now on I would just shave my head. My confidence was knocked but I was still a young man.

I took to regularly wearing caps. Occasionally, I would use hair fibres or a concealer. As my hair thinned, I had more concealer than hair! And as the concealer had nothing to cling to, I could not hide the fact I was going bald.

I was frightened of rain or brushing my head against something and the concealer wiping off to expose my baldness.

Everyday actives like showering, walking in the rain or sleeping risked removing the concealer. I tried minoxidil for a year, without success. All it did was make me poorer.

Hitting a new low, I considered a hair transplant, but with the costs at thousands of pounds, it was just too expensive. I didn't feel comfortable with invasive surgery. I had read about the mixed results and, the side effects of hair transplants. The expense was too great for the risk. I thought my best days were behind me. I was wrong!

Some days change your life forever and I know that today, is one of those days for you.

When I first heard about hair systems, I admit that I was sceptical.

Up to now, I had spent hundreds of pounds on concealers that would soon be of little use if my hair kept receeding. I could neither afford nor face painful hair transplant surgery with uncertain results. Some of you reading this, will have already spent hundreds or thousands trying to find a solution to your baldness.

I read of some companies charging thousands for a system. I read about their "consultation" services in fancy plush offices at swanky locations in an attempt to sell more and more at ever higher costs. I visited others and was quoted various prices into the thousands.

I channelled my energy into finding a high quality hair system at an affordable price, which I could managed at home. After extensive research, I settled on one exclusive producer, the best I could find! Now I want you to enjoy the life changing effects of a hair system.

A number of friends and relatives have remarked, I look years younger and the best thing is no one has spotted my hair system; even barbers and stylists have been surprised and recommend my services!

I will never go back to a time without my hair system! I feel younger. I am more active and confident. I am proud that I took the bold step and got rid of my baldness! The last few years have been great for me. I hope the next few years will be even better for you! Why wait? Get the ball rolling today! Email us at