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Feel Younger And Attract Women

At first, it can seem a little daunting. hair system, toupee, wig, baldness cure, hairstyle for bald men

It is easy to delay or to make the wrong choices when faced with all the options. Ultimately, you need someone to help you through 1 to 1.

Hair System or a Full Cap?
A hair system can be any shape. The smallest can cover a particular area such as the front or the crown. These are generally known as "partials".

The most popular are systems that cover from the front hairline to the crown. These are known as "toppers" and you will healthy side and back native hair.

If you are bald or thinning all over then the full cap is probably the best option for you. If you are unsure just send a photo to us for immediate feedback.

What Kind of Base Should I Pick?
There is no perfect base, but we can get very close. Our soft lace is the most popular. It is durable, breathable and discrete. We can also supply ultra thin skin. It is invisible to sight and touch and increasing in popularity. We can also make skin / lace combined systems for particular needs. With all that said, your life style and hair style will usually determine the base so it is best to talk to us.

Custom or Stock Piece?
A custom made piece is made from your template to the contours of your own head. A stock piece may not be a 100% colour match (you can dyed it), but delivery is quicker, particularly for those little emergencies.

Other options
The other options on hair density, hair direction, hair length, straight, wave or curl, grey and knots and we will take you through when you order.

Don't let baldness ruin your life. You can have great looking hair without the expense and pain of hair transplant surgery. Why wait? Get the ball rolling today! Email us at

Free Consultation
Contact us at with "free consultation" in the subject header and ideally a phone number to get the most out of it.