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7 Online Dating Tips

Online dating has grown in popularity. Tinder, Plenty of Fish, eHarmony and Match are just four of more popular ones.

They make it easy to contact or view thousands of profiles. It is also impersonal and easy to reject on a photo. Reject rates are high and boredom levels low.

For those busy people, these online site are a quick way to get dates, but you may have low conversion rates; especially for guys. Even if you are a good looking guy, the flake rates are high.

You need to get your shit together. That means get in shape by working out and eating healthy for 3-months and get your wardrobe sorted.

Once thats done here are some online dating tips.

  1. Get good photos - use a good quality camera or iphone 6 or 7. The pictures are everything for online dating. Dont have topless or all selfie pics. A selfie is ok, but go for some with others, outdoors or action. Make them recent and well dressed.

  2. Don't be choosy - if you are looking to get laid. Most guys won't get supermodels that are 9 and 10. Even models that are 7 or 8 are difficult. However, girls that are 5 or 6 are easy and they still need love.

  3. Pick someone with similar interests - if you want to just get laid you probably wont care, but it does give you something to talk about or write to stand out from the other 500 messages she will get.

  4. Think about paying - It's often the case that the more serious people are about finding a mate the more likely they are willing to pay a subscription. May find more time-wasters on free sites.

  5. Get ready for rejection - Don't take a rejection personally. Online rejections, even for good looking guys will get many rejections. To put it into perspective, you might get 1 date in 500 messages you send.

  6. Think practical - dont waste time messaging girls that are out of your league or hundreds of miles away or have rejected you.

  7. Keep it short - don't write an autobiography or be too brief. A few paragraphs is enough online. Leave a little mystery. No swearing and dont try and make jokes, which dont translate well on screen when reading.

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