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Men's Hair Products

Once upon a time, the only hair products were gel and brylcreem.

You may be out of touch with all the products out there today and believe you me there are zillions now. The great thing is you can use normal, widely available products on your hair system.

Matte, paste, gum, wax, gels, pomade, muds, clays, creams, powders, sprays, putty, high shine, low, strong hold and natural - and that's just for us guys!

It can be challenging and expensive to find the right products, but you will need to experiement and play around with them.

There are really only two variables you should consider. The first is how will the product hold your hair - from very strong and stiff to low hold. The Second consideration is the finish - shiny and wet look or matte finish.

High hold, high shine. Ideal for spiky or combover styles. It washes out as its water soluable, but its high in alcohol so can be drying on your hair. Its stiff so no hands through the hair

High hold, but matte finish. Less stiff than gel.

Low shine and high hold. Its oil based so can be difficult to remove on one shampoo and can build up.

Medium hold and high shine. Good for slick 1950s styles on short or medium hair.

Medium hold and shine. Ideal for guys for medium to long hair.

Adds texture and thickness - a kind of bed or out of the shower look.

Also known as leave in conditioner and are best for taming frizzy hair.

Many variables - high hold, low hold, shiny or matte. You can use them on top of the product to give that extra hold.

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