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Beginner's All Over Body Workout - 20 Exercises

Many new hair wearers report an increase in confidence and activity including joining a gym in some cases.

Along with the new hair, there is an all round new energy to invest in your health and body.

While you can of course join a high or mid end gym with higher prices and 12-month contracts, I would strongly suggest pay-as-you-go with the likes of Easyym, the Gym or similar one near you or even start at home.

Typically, gymsy do regular special offers with no joining fees (saving £ 25) and charge around £ 20 a month or you can buy day passes or a taster.

It takes discipline. I regularly wake up at 5.15am to hit the gym by 6am for a 2-hour workout and shower so I am back at my desk for 8.30 am. I would do that 5 times a week focusing on cardio (bike) with 2 days cardio and weights.

Thats how my hair system changed me from doing no exercise apart from a walk to losing 19 kgs and now being the fittest and strongest I have ever been in my adult life.

Now I am not suggesting you following my routine, although it would be great if you did, but at least commit to working out 2 or 3 times a week and preferably first thing in the morning. For a start the gym is empty early in the day and secondly, if its the first thing you do it will soon become routine and you will be more likely to stick with it.

Along with discipline, you also need to motivation. You cannot have one without the other and stick to it for any length of time. It is best to associate each week working out with an improvement, getting fitter and looking better. Women love it too. Also forget about scales. As you add lean muscle your weight can increase. Instead focus on how your look in the mirror and how your clothes fit.

Below are some suggested exercises for a beginner, however many of the exercises you can do at home 2 or 3 times a week, if you cant make it to a gym but you would need a set of dumbbells or filled water bottles.

Its easy enough to google any of the exercises for more information or a demonstration. Unless noted specifically with a time or set amount, do until failure e.g. you can do no more. If you are at the gym you can use free weights or machines.

You will need to vary the weight for each exercise. Start low weights and slow and to medium tempo and focus on good form for the first week. As you progress over the weeks, increase your weights. I have labelled this a beginners workout, but as you can increase the weights, reps and sets it can be used as an intermediate workout programme over the next few months.

Whatever you do, note down your best score for each exercise on a piece of paper or your phone and aim to beat it every time - it will keep you focused. Do some stretches before and after the workout. Also take onboard regular water throughout. I am not a personal trainer and this is the routine I started with.

The 20 Exercises

  1. Jumping jacks or skipping for 1 minute

  2. Press ups with wide arm grip (rest on knees if you need support)

  3. Dumbbell standing shoulder press

  4. Dumbbell squat

  5. Sit ups x 10

  6. Front Lateral raise x 10

  7. Plank - time yourself and note down your best.

  8. Standing dumbbell calf raise x 10

  9. Bicep curl

  10. Dumbbell step-up x10 per leg

  11. Hammer curl

  12. Dumbbell floor press

  13. Tricep kickback x 10 per leg

  14. Jump Squats - the man version - x 10

  15. V-Sit ups x 10

  16. Dumbbell shoulder shrugs x 10

  17. Dumbbell lunge x 10 per leg

  18. Side Plank - time yourself and note down your best.

  19. Bent over two dumbbell row

  20. Finish with a 10 minute jog and not to forget some stretches
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